The name “Jenica” comes from the names of two sisters, the founder & CEO, Jennifer Baker- Johnson and her lovely and artistic sister, Jessica. Jennifer, an esthetician for over 21 years could never really find a skin care line that could meet all of her clients needs. Through the years, she tested products from every “professional line” but found them lacking. The products had undesirable ingredients including synthetics and dyes. Many of them listed water as their first and primary ingredient. Worst of all were the expensive retail prices! Jennifer wanted more for her clients. That’s when Jenica was launched in 2008. Jennifer’s main goal for Jenica was to create a line to serve her client’s needs using the highest quality ingredients possible, of course no animal testing at an affordable price. “I just wanted a line that I could actually stand behind & know when a client takes home one of my products that I can honestly say it works.” Jennifer believes in “keeping it simple.” She doesn’t believe that someone needs lots of products to see results. When you use high quality ingredients without fillers you only need a few basic products and a few minutes. One of the most challenging skin types is sensitive skin combined with acne. “The trick to taking care of acne skin is keeping it simple & balancing the skin. No need to use tons of acne products that will most likely dry the skin so much that it can honestly make your acne worse.” Keeping your skin hydrated is very important, even acne prone. That is where one of her top selling products comes in. Her Azulen Hydration Cream for example not only adds incredible hydration to the skin but it helps promote quick clearing of acne & helps prevent more acne/ inflammation from forming. Plus it has a long lasting soothing effect on the skin. ” Jennifer personally invites you to experience many of the other products that Jenica Skin & Body Care has to offer. It’s time to say... ”Let’s Look Fabulous."